A little new update of myself (n the blog too): Im a teacher rite now.

Yerp, for five years studying software engineering, i end up being a teacher. Well, its not a bad thing at all because i love my job (maybe because the gov pay me good salary, hahaha).

Tempat aku mengajar adalah sangat terceruk di pedalaman Sabah. No electricity and not even single network coverage can go thru the wilderness of this place. The access road is very poor and if its rain, we will be lost contact with the outside world. My school called SK Tagibang. Terletak di kawasan hutan berbukit di daerah Kota Marudu (but actually the place is closer to Ranau). Nothing much you can do here. I mean, nothing ‘modern’ thing you can do. No internet, no tv, nothing. But i find something for myself that can kill my boredom. Everyday, after school, i cook for lunch that will last until dinner. After having lunch, done my Rancangan Pengajaran Harian (RPH), i’ll go jungle tracking with some of my fellow student. Try to explore the beauty of the Tagibang Jungle. Before maghrib, go to sungai, catch some fish to make lauk for dinner. At nite, i’ll go to other cikgu’s house, talking with each other, sharing experience and so on.

Teaching here is kinda like having camping actually, but in a very long, long period. A lot of outdoor activity you can do. Teaching here also needs a high survival skills and it tooks a lot of courage to stay longer here in Tagibang. I have the skills now and hopefully i can gain more courage to stand the place as long as possible.

So, to all my friends out there, sape2 yang pernah kontek aku, im very sorry coz x dapat nak reply or receive your messages. Tapi aku still pakai no yang lame, x tukar lagi. Cuma it will be only active during school holiday when im at my home at KK.

OK, till the next school holiday, tata~

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